My name is pronounced Carolynn, not Caroline etc! (djsolaries) wrote in the_garden_balt,
My name is pronounced Carolynn, not Caroline etc!

Solaries Rare Guest DJ performance tonight!

I am looking foward to seeing some familiar people out at the Garden. If you remember, I am very request friendly,and cannot wait to get to play with my husband tonight! If you want to get some requests out, please come up to the booth,and I'll be glad to play anything you'd like to hear. In the meantime, I wanted to help promote for Selena, and we will see you all out tonight at the Garden.

Come out this Sunday night to hear a very RARE DJ performance by DJ Solaries. I actually have some new mixes lined up,and some not-so-Goth tunes. If interested, please come out this Sunday September the 18th with resident DJ Dragoness.Here is more information about the Garden.

The Garden is a fetish event in Baltimore, held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. This is a members-only event. Doors open at 8PM. Member entry fees: 8-9 PM, FREE entry. 9-10 PM, $5. After 10 PM, $8. Guest entry is $8, period. We offer a variety of great DJs, vendors, and the opportunity to watch, dance, play and explore. You should be respectful of the staff, and of all patrons. This includes, but is not limited to: Not crowding, disrupting or involving yourself in other people's scenes. Not pressuring anyone to play, ever. And never bringing any type of camera onto the premises. We have an official photographer to provide you with any photos you need of our events.

Club Orpheus
1003 E. Pratt St., Baltimore MD
Info: 410 276 5599
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