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Yup... it's field trip time again. Strangeland Records will be vending at Alchemy this Thursday, June 1st for their Unspeakable horror-night event. We'll be bringing a sizeable chunk of our gothic/industrial section for your browsing pleasure. Click HERE to see what we currently have in stock. If there is anything specific that you would like for us to bring tomorrow night, then let me know asap...

As per usual, we'll be CASH ONLY at the vending table (though we gladly accept all forms of plastic at the shop itself.)

Also, big thanks to all the folks who turned out for the Weenie Roast. Great party! Horrible clean-up! Click HERE for pictures of both.

See you at Alchemy!

Ryan @ Strangeland

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The Garden will be open tonight - free entry from 7 -8:30, with the understanding that between the shift to the earlier opening time and the game thingy with the brown ball, we may not have full bar service or DJing until after 8. Hope to see you there :)

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tonight we have a special guest, the lovely miss kele-de swandust - join us for a spooky and sexy night of medical/military/zombie goodness!

also please note that DJ Solaries will be doing a guest spot for The Tomb this Monday!


Sunday, October 2nd

Sunday, October 2nd should be another great night! Slyx will be joining us as our vendor, the fabulous team of fractured and mz. bat will be DJing, door babe TBA. The wax play has been going well but *please* be more careful about not spilling on the floors ;)

We are considering holding a special Halloween event Sunday, October 30th. Please vote in the
poll about whether you'd be able to attend or not!

Solaries Rare Guest DJ performance tonight!

I am looking foward to seeing some familiar people out at the Garden. If you remember, I am very request friendly,and cannot wait to get to play with my husband tonight! If you want to get some requests out, please come up to the booth,and I'll be glad to play anything you'd like to hear. In the meantime, I wanted to help promote for Selena, and we will see you all out tonight at the Garden.

Come out this Sunday night to hear a very RARE DJ performance by DJ Solaries. I actually have some new mixes lined up,and some not-so-Goth tunes. If interested, please come out this Sunday September the 18th with resident DJ Dragoness.Here is more information about the Garden.

The Garden is a fetish event in Baltimore, held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. This is a members-only event. Doors open at 8PM. Member entry fees: 8-9 PM, FREE entry. 9-10 PM, $5. After 10 PM, $8. Guest entry is $8, period. We offer a variety of great DJs, vendors, and the opportunity to watch, dance, play and explore. You should be respectful of the staff, and of all patrons. This includes, but is not limited to: Not crowding, disrupting or involving yourself in other people's scenes. Not pressuring anyone to play, ever. And never bringing any type of camera onto the premises. We have an official photographer to provide you with any photos you need of our events.

Club Orpheus
1003 E. Pratt St., Baltimore MD
Info: 410 276 5599

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I know, I know - I need to stay on top of the LJ announcements :P

The pics are up at the yahoo group from "Beach Night"

Our next event will be Sunday, September 18th. Our spectacular guest DJ will be DJ Solaries, who kindly agreed to come out and spin for us alongside our resident DJ Dragoness. More details as I know 'em!